Our Services

Whether you are an employer looking for qualified and suitable talents or a candidate looking to make a career change or career progress, we are well positioned to meet your recruitment need. With our recruiting expertise, we would help you make the right choice.

We offer a specialized Recruitment Consulting service that ensures we attract the best talent on behalf of our clients, covering the full recruitment cycle of specific recruitment assignments for major brands and multinational companies. Our track record in this includes completed and ongoing assignments with major FMCG & Pharma brands.

We offer the following Services:

Executive Search

We specialize in strategic management and in the search, selection and retention of senior executives. We are experts in recruiting qualified and skilled professionals across a wide range of specialized industries and professions.

Recruitment Outsourcing

We take care of your HR functions so that your HR management can focus on the strategic dimension of their function. Our Recruitment Outsourcing offerings involves managing all aspects of the actual hiring process, from attracting, sourcing, and assessing to successfully placing candidates.

Graduate Recruitment

We utilize professional interviewing techniques to understand candidates’ skills, screening potential candidates using testing (skills or personality) is part of our graduate recruitment process. This process is not only meant to evaluate the candidates knowledge, skills or abilities, but also to evaluate how the fresh graduates will fit into your organization. We take our time to obtain specific position details and information before beginning the process. We prepare both candidates and the company for the interview, as well as providing feedback to both parties. Our experience guarantees that we not only deliver on the quality of Graduate employees, but work within tight time lines and reasonable budgets.

Training and Development

We work with your HR Management team to identify training needs, to plan, develop, execute, and appraise the training and development programs of your employees. We are experts in developing back-to-back employee training and development programs to meet your organizational strategic objectives.

Research Surveys

We are experts in programming and administration of online research surveys. Our in-house statisticians provide project monitoring, statistical analysis of the results and summary or full written reports of key findings.

We are specialists in custom designed research providing the following comprehensive services:
1. Problem identification
2. Sample and questionnaire design
3. Data collection and processing, analysis, and reporting, or any research “piece” to complement our clients’ needs and capabilities.

We provide comprehensive survey design and questionnaire writing, fine-tuned to the research objectives of our clients. We have extensive experience in all types of online research surveys including but not limited to:
1. Employee Satisfaction Surveys
2. HR Survey and Training Surveys
3. Focus Group Surveys
4. Product Development Surveys
5. Market Research Surveys
6. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
7. Business Survey
8. Product Feedback Survey
9. Recruitment and Employment Surveys
10. Salary Surveys

We are known for quality control, accuracy, reliability and thorough interviewer training and supervision.

To find out more about our client services, please call our Customer Care lines on
+233 543 287 902 or +234 803 313 4558